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If you wanted to connect to \\server\share using the built in file-sharing clients, you would format the URI as smb://server/share This simple format difference would mean the difference of being able to login or not using the LDAPv3 plug-in In this instance, Apple again configures the Active Directory plug-in to read in the server homeDirectory attribute and then reformats and maps it to the local HomeDirectory attribute With all the supplements that are provided by Apple through the native Active Directory plug-in, it serves as an adequate tool for integration in many different environments In the beginning of this chapter, we will cover the Apple-provided and supported tools that can be used to bind to Active Directory environments However, depending on the needs of your environment you may need to take advantage of some Active Directory features which cannot be facilitated using just the Active Directory plug-in.

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Create a rolling ToDo that provides a random challenge for the user. For example, Take 10 pictures in the next 5 days. Update their progress in the task, and provide a new one once it is complete. While it s easy to go overboard, it s also a great way to learn things. You can always remove features later if they seem cumbersome or aren t popular and who knows, you may stumble across a really interesting combination.

of the latest information If the client always empties the cache, the client will always get the latest news, but at a cost of downloading content that may not have changed The resource cost should not surprise anyone, because always getting the latest content means using no caching whatsoever Scripts such as Java servlets/JSP or ASP NET pages often use this strategy, and the administrator managing the Web site wonders why there are performance problems A Better Approach: Using HTTP Validation The better approach is to use the HTTP validation model This model sends each response with a ticket that references the uniqueness of the data If the client wants to download the content again, the client sends the server a ticket from the last download.

The most common needs in an enterprise environment move beyond mere authentication and into the realm of ongoing client management For this, Apple has a very robust set of management options known as Managed Preferences or MCX (covered extensively in 7) Though not natively supported by Active Directory, MCX can still be implemented alongside Active Directory via a few different methods After reading this chapter, you will be familiar with the various options available, as well as the pros and cons of each On a native Open Directory server these management options are stored as keys within a given object For instance, user zsmith (or more commonly a workgroup that he is a member of) may have a managed preference that configures his Dock to appear on the left-hand side.

You might know more about your users now than their own mothers do With access to their daily schedule, circle of friends and business associates, and lists of what s important to them, your app has a great shot at making itself more useful and interesting With this level of trust comes an enormous responsibility Many users are leery of sharing their private information, and you will quickly lose their trust if you start mining that data for your own purposes With that warning in mind, users are more amenable than ever before to sharing information about themselves so long as they are rewarded for doing so, whether it s in the form of entertainment, convenience, or winning achievements Most successful apps that use PIM will fall into one of two categories Either they are fundamentally about personal information, or they use PIM to supplement their main purpose.

These management attributes cannot be natively stored in Active Directory without modifying the Active Directory schema, a modification that is global for all objects in an organization s directory As such, from a political aspect, extending the schema can be difficult to push through in environments with a proportionally small number of Mac OS X workstations For this reason, other options such as maintaining a.

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